Characteristics and Specialties

  • Treatment can be administered at any comfortable position;
  • Without interference of any daily activities by using non-invasive taping treatment;
  • Commonly used for acute & chronic pain;
  • Ideal for those who are fear of needle;
  • Ideal for children.

Organ Representation on Hands

Oran representation was recognized at different parts of the body for over 3000 years. Tongue diagnosis was one of the first and extremity diagnosis was one of the later. Hand acupuncture theory is to think of the hand as a human body. The middle finger is the head and neck and spine. The spine and back are on the back of the hand and run along the middle finger. The second and fourth fingers are the upper extremities, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. The thumb and little finger are the lower extremities, ankle, knee and hip. When the acupuncturist finds an unusual tender spot on your hand and fingers as they gentle press along, they would place a hand acupuncture needle at the tender spot. The corresponding symptoms were relieved. Further development of hand acupuncture has been documented it is also of beneficial to aid in the treatment of many illnesses.

How Does It Work

Refer to the hand acupuncture diagram. There are 14 micro-meridians and 345 acupuncture points on our hands. By stimulating these points, the pain will be alleviated and the corresponding organ functions can be regulated. In conjunction of the hand acupuncture, practitioner could apply moxibustion treatment over acupuncture points to strengthen the qi flow. Improved qi flow along the meridians channels throughout the body enhances treatment results. Alternatively, acupuncturist can tape a magnet or herbal seed at the acupuncture points, some practitioners would even use a heavy-duty paper clip or ball point pen to press on the appropriate spot rather than using acupuncture needles. It is amazing that they can get similar treatment benefits. However, there is a cosmetic drawback with using the tape bandage because the tape bandage needs to be kept at the spot all day. But overall, it is ideal solution for those who fear of invasive needle treatment, such as the elderly and children.