Our mission is to create and maintain the best healthcare services to our patients and their families; to work with our community to increase public awareness; to participate in researches on all health issues and concerns.

Our centre has a special character and is committed to fostering the unique bonds that exist between the patients and the community. This character is rooted in the following essential elements:

  • A devotion to our patients and their family members; provide supportive of the pursuit of the highest ideals of healing and preventive lifestyle;
  • A commitment to sustaining the local community that cultivates and nurtures the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of its members;
  • A resolve to enrich the practice experience at our centre by encouraging regular interaction among members of a healthcare community. A treatment program should prepare patients for life in a realistic world, one in which the ability to understand and work with the differences and similarities among their lifestyles and medical is essential.
  • A recognition that its setting and location in British Columbia offers TCM Health Care Centre unique advantages, specialties, and ongoing obligations related to understanding our relationships to our community and to our environment;
  • A conviction that one of our centre's strengths is providing patients with close attention with practitioners and an appreciation that the quality of the services and personal experiences TCM Health Care Centre offers is one measure of its success.