A possible answer may be found for quitting drugs such as cocaine, crack and crystal methamphetamine.  The key lies in a prescription drug known as Seroquel, presently used for patients with bipolar disorder.  It was discovered by Dr. Greg Pidwirny of Kelowna, B.C. while treating his bipolar disorder patients. 

Drugs such as crack, cocaine and crystal meth act a specific part of the brain and release dopamine into the system; the faster dopamine is released, the higher the high.  Seroquel triggers the same response for the person, but without the need of illegal drugs to achieve feelings of contentment.

According to Dr. Pidwirny, in an 18 month period 25 patients had been successfully treated using his methods of combining Seroquel with counselling and support. "You see a lot of people with bipolar with drug addiction or drug abuse.  It has worked with great success."

So far, clinical trials have not yet begin to study Seroquel's effectiveness in treating drug addiction, but Dr. Pidwirny noted other doctors are currently using the drug to treat addicts with success. "It can't help but be found by more and more doctors.  I've discussed it with other doctors who are interested in trying it."