Myocarditis could be caused by a viral or bacterial infection to the myocardium (the muscular part of the hear). Subsequent inflammation may present with chest pain, rapid signs of heart failure, or even sudden death.

There are various signs and symptoms of myocarditis:

  • Chest Pain (often described as "stabbing" pain)
  • Congestive Heart Failure (leading to edema, and¬†breathlessness)
  • Palpitations (due to arrythmia)
  • Sudden death (myocarditis has been shown to cause up to 20% of all reported cases of sudden death in young adults)
  • Fever (especially when infectious, e.g. in rheumatic fever)

Many patients report a history of symptoms including: diarrhea, fever, joint pains, and consistent lethargy.

Recommended herbs:

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