A sudden, nonconvulsive loss of neurologic function due to an ischemic or hemorrhagic intracranial vascular event. In general, cerebrovascular accidents are classified by anatomic location in the brain, vascular distribution, etiology, age of the affected individual, and hemorrhagic vs. nonhemorrhagic nature.

The recommended herbs are:

  • Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis,
  • Rhizoma Gastrodiae,
  • Cornu Saigae Tataricae,
  • Herba Taxilli,
  • Flos Caryophylli,
  • Styrax,
  • Bornio Borneolum Syntheticum,
  • Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum,
  • Radix Notoginseng,
  • Radix Ginseng, etc.