Daytox for a healthier life

(The Province A14 - Sunday, January 14, 2007)


A program called Daytox offered at Richmond Addiction Service has helped many people suffering from alcohol, drug or gambling abuse to regain sobriety without losing control of their life to the rigidity of residential rehabilitation facilities.

The RAS Daytox program is the second in Canada and is modeled after Vancouver's ground-breaking and highly-successful facility that opened in the fall of 2001. The RAS Daytox is a non-residential model where addicts report five days a week for counseling and treatment for a few months, returning home nightly.

Daytox focuses on mind and body recovery using acupuncture, Tai Chi, healing touch, yoga, mediation, nutrition, counseling and stress-reduction techniques in group and individual settings.

Daytox clientele is as varied as Richmond's population: professionals, homeless people, students, young and old and males and females of all ethnic groups.